My Fave Items Outside of Cola Stacks

My Fave Items Outside of Cola Stacks

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Once I find something good, it's here to stay! Sharing some of my favorite items outside of Cola Stacks.

  • Beautycounter- This worked wonders on my skin! I am highly sensitive to toxins and Beautycounter made me feel comfortable in my natural skin again! Before the switch, my skin would have little red under the skin bumps around my nose and feel tight after washing. Now my skin is moisturized and clear! Linked the exact product line I use.

  • Makeup remover- Use this before applying Beautycounter products. Has been in my routine since I started wearing makeup.

  • Jane Iredale- Since 2010, I have been using this face powder! Never shows signs of creases, has a ton of coverage, and lasts all day.

  • Blush- Fave for years! Not too pink or peachy.

  • Hair Vitamins- I cannot rave about these enough. I use half a capsule each time and apply on partially dry hair. This smells amazing and I truly believe has helped with hair growth. ** Instruction do not recommend using condition, but I still do.

  • Drybar Styling Tool- My natural hair is very thick, dry, and curly/wavy. This help tame my hair.

  • Flat Iron- After blowdrying, I HAVE to touchup my roots with a straightener due to the texture and volume of my hair. This hair tool has been a necessity for me since late 2000s.

  • Curling Iron- The last step is to add a few curls. Since a pre-teen, I have only had two of these. They last for so long and are so inexpensive.

  • Whitening Eye Drops- My eyes are naturally on the red side, especially when I wake up. Use these every morning!

  • Workout Shorts- I do not own Lululemon, so not sure how these compare, but love the length, waist band, and overall fit. Have a pair in lots of colors!
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