Stacks that give back!

Cola Stacks started with the hope of selling one bracelet! When the platform exceeded expectations, it became an opportunity to raise awareness and give back to those in need. This is how Give Back Stacks originated! The initiative started off small and then grew into a monthly occurrence. Here is what we have done so far! We? Yes, we! Cola Stacks would not be able to give back if it weren't for the generosity,  kindness, & support from people like you! 

  • Mission Lexington- $250
    30% of bracelet sales + 15% of pop-up sales at Mission Store were donated back to Mission Lexington! ML glorifies God by serving their neighbors in crisis.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $400
    50% of the April Give Back Stack purchases was donated to FVAR in honor of our rescue dog, Lilly. This organization gives animals the most positive experience after a traumatic time in the shelter, neglected homes, or living on streets. Large 5'x10' runs, long walks by volunteers in quiet neighborhoods, outdoor play yards for socialization, and other positive play serve as a positive first step towards their forever homes.

  • The Gathering Church, Asheville- $200
    With our travels, we have the opportunity to visit different churches around the country! Honestly, they have all been amazing, but The Gathering Church in Asheville hit different! Kate greeted us in the parking lot with the most infectious energy and welcomed us + the dogs with the biggest smile! We were then met inside with coffee and more smiles eager to get to know us, listened to a wonderful message about taking your life from meaningless to meaningful, & even made friends after the service. Their congregation blessed us in such a special way, so we wanted to bless them! 30% of sales from the March 2024 Give Back Stack was donated to The Gathering Church.

  • Paws for Elee- $200
    The February 2024 Give Back Bracelet benefited Elee! Unfortunately Elee (2 years old) was experiencing more seizures, and even in the upright position. The family accrued more medical bills and travel expenses in order to see what was happening with Elee. We donated 50% of sales from the Paws for Elee give back bracelet to the family to continue to help with medical expenses. 

  • Prisma Health Children's Hospital- $150
    In January 2024, we donated 50% of sales from the Give Back bracelet to Prisma Children's Hospital Toy Drive. 

  • Epworth Children's Home- $500
    November 2023 Give Back bracelets were made for Epworth Children's Home. 50% of bracelet sales were given back to help fulfill the children's Christmas wishlist items. 

  • Paws for Elee- $445
    In October 2023, we donated 30% of sales from the Paws for Elee give back bracelet to the family to continue to help with medical expenses. Elee is almost two years old and was diagnosed with 
    Epilepsy in 2022.

  • Crystal Smith Breast Cancer Fund- $70
    Donated 20% of online Breast Cancer Give Back bracelet sales in October 2023 to the Crystal Smith Breast Cancer Fund through Lexington Medical Hospital.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $5,000
    In October 2023, we became corporate sponsors of FVAR to support all of their endeavors.

  • SpreadJoy- $100
    Spread joy financially to others in trying seasons to fulfill the mission of SpreadJOY 501c3 Non-Profit in September 2023.
  • SP-Rescue- $70 
    Local non-profit needed more cleaning and food supplies for her rescue. Donated August 2023.

  • Morgan Campuzano- $1,673
    A local business owner and friend to all was recently diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. With Morgan being a human in sunshine form & black being the melanoma color, the July Give Back bracelet is simple, but meaningful. The logistics of the give back donations are different than usual, but show just how kind Morgan and her husband are. 25% of sales will be donated to Morgan & her family for medical expenses & the other 25% of sales will be donated back into the community to a family in need. Sales were donated in August 2023.

  • SP-Rescue- $100
    Local non-profit rescued five puppies from an overcrowded shelter and was in need of donations for their immunizations, deworming, microchips, and more. Donated July 2023. 

  • Paws for Elee- $500
    We are a sponsor for the 5k race that is raising money for Elee. She is an 18 month old little girl who was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2022. Because of her seizures, her family is raising money for a seizure alert dog. The race is November 2023 and we signed our sponsorship July 2023.

  • Muller Strong- $600
    Irmo Firefighter, James Michael Muller, passed away on duty due to a structural collapse during fire suppression efforts. The June Give Back bracelet was made in his memory and 50% of sales were donated to Irmo Fire Foundation in memory of James Muller in June 2023.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $400
    Altering finding a lost dog, FVAR was eager to take him in and find him a home. Luckily we found the owner, but we wanted to thank FVAR for their kindness and eagerness. In June 2023, we donated 10% of sales to fulfill the cost of FVAR taking in their next dog.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $200
    Donated 30% of online sales made June 6th, 2023 to help Fisher, an 8 month old German Shepherd get a life-saving surgery on his esophagus. 

  • Folds of Honor- $300
    During Memorial Day Weekend (May 2023), 20% of online sales were donated to Folds of Honor. When you give back to FOH, they provide educational scholarships for children and spouses of fallen and disabled military service members and first responders. 

  • SP Rescue- $200
    A local non-profit, SP Rescue, rescues and finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs, as well as rescues from shelters and high-risk situations. We donated $200 of supplies to help fill their need in May 2023.

  • The Covenant School (Nashville)- $200
    80% of sales of the Nash Give Back bracelet were donated to the Nashville Covenant School to honor the three students & 3 teachers whose lives were lost on 3/27/23. This give back campaign ran through April 2023.

  • Toby's Place- Care Packages
    The March give back campaign was a little different than most months. Instead of a financial donation, we donated care packages to the women of Toby's Place, a shelter of Oliver Gospel's that serves women & children who are without a stable home. All of the 30 care packages had deodorant (their biggest need), tampons, snacks, a Hope Cola Stack, and toothbrushes & toothpaste provided by 32 Dental. The care packages were given at the end of March 2023.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $150
    FVAR needed donations for their newest dog rescue, Jericho. He had been trapped in an abandoned house for a long time and was filled with worms and his liver was shutting down due to dehydration. 50% of Happy Heishi bracelet sales were donated in March 2023.

  • Gabe & Paige Morris- $200
    A young couple's story we found on Instagram touched our hearts & we felt compelled to give back to them. Gabe Morris was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. In order to give the couple a little bit of light in a dark time, we created Gabe Tuff bracelets. 20% of sales were donated to help cover medical expenses in February 2023.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $350
    FVAR needed donations for their dog to stay clean and warm during winter during January 2023. 50% of FVAR dog bracelet sales were donated.

  • Epworth Children's Home- Donated 50 children's bracelets
    Buy a Stack, Give a Stack. With this Christmas initiative, all boys and girls of Epworth Children's Homes received a bracelet for Christmas in December 2022.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $250
    FVAR needed donations for their dog mamas and puppies. They were facing a puppy and mama overload at the shelter in November 2022. Our donations helped mamas not have to birth puppies in cold shelters or on the streets and to prevent puppies from facing abandonment and neglect.

  • Feeding Florida- $600
    The October Give Back Stack was dedicated to Hurricane Ian relief. 50% of sales from the stack were donated to Feeding American, Florida at the end of the month. Cola Stacks donated $600, which provided 3,720 meals.

  • Girls on the Run- $500
    Eliza Fletcher was killed on her run the morning of September 2, 2022. To pair her love for running and teaching, 50% of the September Give Back Stack was donated to Girls on the Run in memory of Eliza.

  • Teacher Wishlist- $100
    The August Give Back Stacks were dedicated to giving back to teachers. At the end of the month, $100 was divided between two teachers and purchases were made on their Amazon Wishlists for items in the classroom. Every student needs to read The Very Hungary Caterpillar and play Chutes and Ladders, so of course those were purchased from their lists!
  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $100
    A sweet pup was dropped off at a local shelter with a blunt force wound on his back that required medical care ASAP. It's believe he was struck in the back with an axe or machete of some sort. His vet bill was over $4000. In an effort to contribute to the bill, 70% of the Summer Stack sales were donated to FVAR via Venmo in August 2022.

  • Animal Mission- $345
    Animal Mission had a goal of providing beds in all 161 kennels at Columbia Animal Services, so all shelter dogs could have a bed. 50% of Dog Mom bracelet sales were donated to support this cause in July 2022. All dogs need a bed!

  • 21 Uvalde- $400
    To honor the 21 lives lost in Uvalde, TX at Robb Elementary School, Cola Stacks created a 21 bracelet in May 2022. 80% of all sales were equally donated to the verified families on GoFundMe.

  • B Strong: Ukraine- $2200
    Created a Ukraine Give Back Stack and donated 80% of sales to Bethenny Frankel's organization #BStrong which provided hygiene kits, blankets, generators, and sleeping bags to Ukraine's NATO bordering countries in February 2022.

  • Final Victory Animal Rescue- $30
    Cola Stacks participated in the Betty White Challenge in January 2022. $5 of all Dog Mom bracelet sales were donated to FVAR via Venmo.
    • 13 Fallen Heroes- $1377
      Equally donated the money raised to support the families of the 13 fallen heroes killed in Kabul attack in August 2021. 80% of the Give Back Stack sales were donated to this cause via verified GoFundMe accounts.
    • FTP Dallas- $105
      In February 2021, Texas was hit with a severe storm ("snowmageddon") leaving families in a whirlwind. This initiative with Feed the People, Dallas, provided Texans with relief.
    • Epworth Children's Home- Donated 40 children's bracelets
      Buy a Stack, Give a Stack. With this Christmas initiative, all girls at Epworth Children's Homes received a bracelet for Christmas in December 2020.