Pop-Up Advice

Pop-Up Advice

Take it from me!

Writing this so no one will look back at be mortified of their fist few pop-up events like I was! Here are some tips for a successful (& aesthetic) pop-up:

  • First, you need your table! If you have a lot of material use a 6x6, if you are winging it, use a 4x4. Just leave this in your car so you don't forget at events... trust me!
  • Now that you have your table, you know it's ugly. Let's get a table cloth pronto! Be sure to buy for your 4x4 or 6x6. I like to keep my colors on brand, so dependent on styling, I will either use a pink or white one.
  • Okay, let's elevate. For a 4x4, buy 2 acrylic risers. For a 6x6, buy 3. I place my jewelry stands on these, so they are closer to eye level with customers.
  • Bring bags for checkout.
  • Have 2 square chip readers just in case!

Those are pretty basic items that you will always need for every pop-up event! Some things I have learned with experience:

  • Whatever your product is, you are skilled in it, and it can be overwhelming to others. For me, this means having premade stack options, so other will understand how the bracelets are styled. 
  • Your table will be much more aesthetically pleasing if you have more inventory! I like to have 3-5 of each style available.
  • Customers don't simply buy the item because they like it, they buy because of you!!! Pop-ups are the best, best, best way to get to know customers. I can truly call some of these customers my friends now and it's only because of pop-ups. Let your light shine!
  • Have business cards. If it doesn't turn into business on the spot, it might later :)
  • Bring an extra water with you and maybe a snack. 
  • It's nice to chair available when you need it! I always have this acrylic one with me.
  • Lastly, not everyone is for you and that is OKAY!!! xoxo

** I have linked a lot of my work supplies here! **

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